Welcome to the JOAK (fka Raysean - X) WIKI. This wiki is inspired by the stories Journey to the West and all it's translations. This is the ethnic/urban take on the story by none other than J.P. Hooqx. ENJOY!!!

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Main Article: Code of Conduct

Please do not change or delete anyone's work without asking and getting permission first.

Please do not copy other people's work.

Please do not swear.

If you do break these rules you will be politely warned and repeat violations of these rules will result in suspension for anything from a day up to a year.

Create character, location and object pages to your hearts content, they will all eventually be used in one form or another but please don't add them into the main pages.

If you wish to change anything,

or if you want to write an episode yourself, or to audition a character or donate an idea,

please contact an Admin.

Please respect all members of The Werewolf Journal wikia.

We don't bite...usually.


Happy Creating :-)

My favorite pagesEdit

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